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We started our taste journey from the past to the present in 1979 in Batman, kebab-making, which is a family profession. in 2011, we continued in a trailer in Erbil. By expanding our journey to this flavor, we have grown the current DEFERMO kebab with labor and dedication.

For this purpose, we are proud to welcome you, your friends and family in a comfortable and decent environment with a modern stylish design, with a high-quality service understanding of the historical DEFERMO kebab, where kebab meets local tastes, integrates with the craft of skilled hands.

Today, we owe our point of being a concept, a brand to our determination to adopt idealistic, sincere and principled approaches as guidelines. Our biggest strategy is to serve the food cooked with love with extreme sincerity. While this service offers the most beautiful and special of everything on our journey, the smile on the face of our esteemed guests has become an indispensable symbol of love for us.