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Defermo Kebap, the most important purpose of the performance management systems that are being implemented is to ensure that our employees develop and evaluate their potential at the highest point.

For this purpose, the data obtained as a result of performance evaluation are used in the implementation of Education and Development, Career Management and Wage Management systems.

In performance management, targets are determined on the basis of sectors and companies in accordance with the basic strategies of Defermo Kebap. In order to measure business performance in accordance with these goals, employees and managers mutually agree on business goals. In order for employees to achieve the set goals, the necessary competencies are identified and feedback on these issues is provided by managers.

In the performance evaluation processes, both the compliance of people with Defermo Kebab values and their work performance are taken into account.

Defermo Kebab employees are expected to have responsibility for their own performance, development and career. From this point of view, it is one of the most important performance indicators that our employees have a constant desire to learn, support the development of subordinates and teammates, and adapt to the pace of change in sectors.